Google Images Search

Screencast of Google Images Search

The Extension

Search images and find definitions of words as you browsing the web

Download for: Apple Safari, Google Chrome

How to use:

  1. Mark/Select the word, or words using the mouse
  2. When you are done with 1 DO NOT MOVE the pointer
  3.  Left Click.
    => you’ll see images at bottom of the page.


  • Click on the thumbnail to view the full size
  • Click the same place OR click on place between 2 images to get more results
  • Press “Esc” on keyboard to see definition
    (DO NOT USE this feature too frequently, since google will block you)
  • Press “v” on keyboard to view result on google
  • Select “Get definitions” on context menu to get definition of selected text


  • Added context menu
  • Fixed Safari Extension